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Pass the Torch!

There seems to be a disturbing trend within the imaging community. It has become more and more common for an in house Field Service Engineer (FSE) to be more of a first...

Documentation, Learn to Love it!

The truth of the modern world of medical imaging is: If you did not document it, it did not happen!  The requirements for documentation are ever expanding. Preventive...


You will often hear a salesman talk about partnerships with the hospital or imaging center. They are all smiles and desire nothing more than to be your best friend....
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Tools of the Trade: Probehunter

Tools of the Trade: Probehunter

The ultrasound probe test-system ProbeHunter includes features like validation of image, color and Doppler. It gives clinicians and imaging service professionals a new...
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IT is Coming and You Can’t Stop IT!

IT is Coming and You Can’t Stop IT!

By John Garrett It is coming, in the larger cities it may be here already and you won’t be able to stop it. There are men and women in suits that are a little too slick...
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