Professional Spotlight: Taking Ownership: Mohamed Badawi

Smilow Cancer Hospital is fortunate to have an imaging professional who is so self-motivated and structured in his approach.

Department Spotlight: MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Imaging Team

The team is adept at problem solving and wears their detective hats when called on.

Professional Spotlight: Corpsman to Imaging Pro: Robert “Bob” Hedderman

Robert “Bob” Hedderman serves as one of the foremost in-house authorities on PET technology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Department Spotlight: Eskenazi Health System Imaging Service Team

Eskenazi Health System Imaging Service Team stays current by utilizing a combination of manufacturers’ training, third-party training and in-house training.

Professional Spotlight – Transitions Turn Out Well: Kimmerley “Kim” Pulver

This imaging specialist is proof that career and personal transitions can turn out very well.

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