Ray-Pac Education: The Key to X-ray Tube Replacements


Ray-Pac now has a YouTube video and a hands on instruction class to teach dealers and installers how to effortlessly calibrate a Shimadzu Portable using the new RADII insert.

The Ray-Pac video includes each step of the calibration process. Ray-Pac provides a spec sheet that has pre-calibrated settings for each mA station for their Shimadzu Replacement Portable X-ray tubes. The videos are clear and concise and show the step by step process on how the installers can enter the pre-calibrated settings on the Shimadzu single and dual filament portables.

Ray-Pac has a trained technician to help installers with any questions or difficulties they may have during their calibration process.

Below is a sample of our calibration sheet provided with the Shimadzu Dual. It’s imperative to enter all of the data on
the sheet provided. Watch our video and see how easily this can be entered through the key pad.

Two Methods used to input the data

Method 1 involves taking off the side panel. Then the user must flip dip switch SW3-8 on the NEX-H board. This allows the user to Immediately enter the calibration mode.

Method 2 only requires use of the keypad. It involves pressing the two buttons shown in sequence within three seconds.
For more information on these methods watch our YouTube video.

Committed to Quality and Education

Everything Ray-Pac produces is put through a stringent series of tests to ensure quality. X-ray tubes that do not meet Ray-Pac specifications will not leave their facility. Ray-Pac has a top notch crew that believes that quality comes first.

Ray-Pac offers a wide variety of diagnostic X-ray tube replacements along with the Shimadzu Portable. Ray-Pac also offer Shimadzu RX-80’s and RX’85’s. Ray-Pac uses Rad-21 and Rad-60 inserts in these housings.

Ray-Pac offers many more X-ray tubes than just Shimadzu. Ray-Pac also offers GE, Siemens, Phillips, Varian, Dunlee, Toshiba, and of course Shimadzu.

Ray-Pac’s FREE two-day class and certification on how to calibrate the new RadII© Inserts for your Shimadzu dArt and Art Portables from Ray-Pac.

Spend the day with us at Ray-Pac and learn to calibrate all single and dual calibration steps of your Shimadzu Portable and by day two get our certification.

Use our voucher to get a $1,000 credit towards your next purchase of a Shimadzu Portable Replacement X-ray tube from Ray-Pac if you attend the class in Charleston, SC.

Reserve your class NOW! Call Ray-Pac at 843.767.8090

Available weekly starting January 2018 or go to our video instruction on YouTube at www.Ray-Pac.com/video.


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