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XR-29: Updates & Struggles

Developed to mitigate the number and severity of accidents in the course of receiving a CT scan, XR-29 took effect in 2016.

The Long View: Connectivity Expands Imaging System Functionality

Once leveraged, the value of big data to uptime, efficiency and overall equipment life becomes something close to indispensable.

FDA Deadline: Service Regulation Report Due Soon

There’s a difference in scale when some of the largest companies in the world are asked to absorb policy changes that the smallest cannot.

Going ISO: What’s Connecting the Dots for Greater Certifications in the Secondary Market?

Today, more ISOs are pursuing independent certification that describes and validates their processes as reliable, reproducible and vetted by accrediting agencies.

Finding an In-House Imaging Service Pro

A skilled service professional can be a godsend to anyone tasked with the management and upkeep of medical imaging equipment

Designing the Imaging Rooms of Tomorrow

We look at how the evolution of diagnostic imaging has changed the blueprint of health care facilities.

Getting Approval: The FDA and Bringing New Devices to Market

The length of time it takes to bring a medical device to market in the United States has been a subject of scrutiny and criticism among various manufacturers and industry watchers for years.

After the Boom: Handling Generational Transition in the Imaging Workforce

As in so many aspects of American life, the passing of the Baby Boomer generation will have an outsized impact in the field of health care technology.

Coach ‘Em Up: Imaging Service Training Boosts Biomeds and Bottom Lines

For biomedical technicians, having a fundamental understanding of medical equipment and the ability to repair it is a critical skill set, if not typically attainable outside of a technical college, military service or certificate program.

Equipment Service & Quality Control in ACR Accreditation

For imaging professionals and the health care systems within which they ply their trade, there are few organizations that carry the weight of the...

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